They hang Traitors in this country?


Listen, I promised to label China currency manipulator on my first day in office. It will be 75 days when I start entertaining Chinese Xi at Mar-a-lago.

I promised to impose a 45% tax on all chinese made products coming into our beautiful country. I don’t really see it happening anytime soon or if  ever.

I promised to standup to China and stop their building in South China Sea. In fact, I sent my lap dog Rex to go to China and wimp like a desperate puppy salivating at every biscuit the mandarins threw at him.

I got my supporters excited when I put the One China policy on the table. In fact, I conceded when the chinese approved all of trademarks. Great deal, don’t you think?

Finally, I promised to stop the chinese rape of our country and bring back the jobs and money. In fact, I went ahead and approved billions of dollars worth of chinese takeovers including sensitive military companies.

Do they still hang traitors in this country?


Happy Fourth!!

Let no amount of commerce, no amount of technology and no amount of pace blind us.

Freedom is our inalienable right, the most precious of all.

We secure it with vigilance and a relentless willingness to stand up for it.

Chicago and Chinese Special Interests


While America has been busy and distracted, China has quietly begun establishing a strong base in the most American of big cities, Chicago. Through a now familiar playbook involving sleaze, lobbyists and dirty money China continues to make inroads. Leveraging well connected politicians, corporate players, and local chinese boots on the ground, China is spreading its tentacles, entangling the very core of Chicago’s economic and cultural arteries.
Eternal Vigilance will feature a series of posts that shed light on how everyday Americans are being frozen out of opportunities as a result.
The ongoing mayoral runoff is a vital opportunity for us to call attention and seek accountability. Go checkout our first public service video and add your voice:

Public Service Video: Whose Mayor?

Our So-Called Foreign Policy: Obama Ignores a Crucial – Home-Grown – Cyber Threat


Here’s how you can tell that President Obama’s conference on cyber-security later today at Stanford University just doesn’t pass the seriousness test. There’s nothing on the agenda indicating that the administration will be dealing with the ongoing transfers of knowhow by U.S. technology firms to China that have taught the Chinese much about hacking and how to defend against it.

My 2013 article for BloombergView detailed the jaw-dropping scale of this activity by the likes of Google, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Cisco, and other offshoring-happy multinationals. There’s no doubt that these transfers have slowed as Beijing has begun to push these firms around whenever their capabilities are no longer crucially needed. But there’s no reason to suppose that they won’t continue – as evidenced by the companies’ reaction to the latest conditions China will place on their businesses in the People’s Republic. In response to Beijing’s planned requirements that include turning…

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Shafted!! State of the Union

Mr. President, as you get ready to deliver an assessment of the state of our union, we hope you reflect deeply on these facts:

American Worker Shafted

    • Too many people have dropped out of the job market altogether – Highest in history
    • % of Unemployed to total population – Highest in history
    • Wages stagnant, even reduced when compared to inflation

No wonder, then, Americans don’t feel their lives are getting better, even in the face of positive economic reports.

American Opportunity Stolen:

    • 8 MILLION JOBS Stolen
      – Never replaced
      – Never recovered

Looking for a bright spot? There is not a single state or even a single congressional district in the union that has not been robbed of jobs in the 14 years since our markets opened up to Made in China.

American Freedom Assaulted

    • Muzzling of voices here at home to appease a hostile, foreign power
    • Self-censorship in our free press to appease the same hostile power
    • Relentless cyber attacks against U.S institutions and citizens at home and abroad

All of this serves to undermine our free society.

We wake up today and remind ourselves: This is America and we are just not very good at accepting the status quo. So, let’s stop haggling about tax this or tax that, tax cut there or tax cut here. We look silly arguing about how to adjust our books while America is being robbed in plain daylight. We hope you and the Congress are with common sense on this.

Mr. President, as Americans tune in to your state of the union, we cannot imagine you not taking the chance to address this:

    • End the Faustian bargain – Strengthen our society
    • End the engagement that has put this country on the road to disaster – Increase opportunities, reduce inequality.
    • End trade with China – Secure America

Surely, we can think of better ways to spend taxpayer money than giving away a BILLION dollars everyday to a hostile power.

Eternal Vigilance

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